Mapping the confusing landscape of ‘Chinatown’ Buses

As far as we know, our website is the first systematic attempt  to list and map  ALL the intercity ‘Chinatown’ bus companies that clog and crowd our streets.

We started this  site because  of our outrage over the out-of-control proliferation of intercity buses that daily threaten our quality of life.

We don’t want to be in the dark any longer about how many bus companies really operate here .  We need to know all  the company names, bus stops, frequency, destinations, etc. ; which bus companies have permits, and which are operating illegally.

Today’s list of about  60 separate companies is especially shocking considering the small area we live in and the fact that only 20 of these companies have NYC DOT bus permits!

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  • This site is a really great idea. It would be helpful to feature the “what you should do” to your visitors prominently and succinctly. This is clearly a serious issue degrading the quality of life on the Lower East Side, I’m anxious to read more to see what can be done and spread the word.

  • chucklin72

    Thank you. Please help spread the word and if you have feature requests, I would love to hear it. Email us at