More busts of illegal gun runners using Chinatown buses

NYPD arrested 8 suspects in connection with a gun smuggling ring using Chinatown buses as transport. With thousands of daily anonymous buses making unregistered stops on the streets, this is the worst kept secret of illegal activity. When will NYDOT do something to prevent this from happening?

Its a good start!

Kudos to the 7th precinct who have issued 90 tickets totaling $45,000. Finally someone is recognizing that the buses are a MAJOR problem in our area!

One problem is that “There is also no system in place to track and fine repeat offenders, Wilson said, but the city is working to solve that issue.”

Lets hope they fix this issue soon.

Where is the accountability?

The company is listed with the U.S. Department of Transportation with an address of 16 Bowery Suite 4C in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Calls to that number rang through with no voicemail. There was no person’s name listed for the company on the transportation department website.

The bus company that was involved in the crash had 18 violations since August 2012 yet continue to operate. AM USA was not a licensed company yet has been operating for years. This is what happens when NYDOT purposely refuse to regulate the bus industry. They are willing to trade lives because enforcing the industry would be too much work.

Now two people are dead and dozens injured. When will this madness end?

Chinatown buses from a rider’s perspective

From the Huffington Post

Lying crumpled on my suitcase — green-gray, floral print, older than the bus I was about to board — I sat up and pressed my back against a greasy window. The sidewalk, blackened by ancient gum and general grime, was my temporary abode while I read a former professor’s novel. All I wanted to do was get back to Washington, but I placated myself with a page-turner in the meantime. The night had only just begun. I had already been curled up an hour when, before I knew it, I was throwing down my book and catching a baby. The child’s mother shouted at me.

What we need are alternatives to the chinatown bus madness.  This rider’s saga begins with the biggest problem of curbside pickup. There is no one to assist the riders so it becomes a bazaar of the bizarre.

Imagine if the Chinatown buses were running out of a proper bus annex, with waiting areas, bathrooms, ticket counters, and GATES!

Getting behind the Port Authority expansion

The Port Authority has plans to build a large $400 million facility on West 39th and 11th Ave. We love the idea. Buses should operate at terminals and not use the public curbs as their gates. The Port Authority has a larger master plan to increase its capacity for bus companies. We hope the State approve the funding and start building the annex to alleviate the congestion from our neighborhood.

Check out the Port Authority Master Plan and let them know that you support an expanded bus terminal.

Also check out the article on DNAinfo about the bus terminal.